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The EHFScB scale is available in several languages. Please check if your language is available. If you do not see your language, please feel free to translate the scale.

The following procedure should be followed

If you want to make a new language version of the EHFSCB-scale the procedure is as follows

1. You find someone to translate the English scale into the new language (native speaker)

2. You find another person to translate the scale back from that the new language version to English

3. You send me that English version and the new language version and I will check the English version. If we agree at a final version we can declare it an official version and possibly upload your version to this site

The scale is available in the following languages

Brazilian-Portugese (pdf)

Castellano (pdf)

Catalan (pdf)

Chinese (pdf)

Danish 12 items (pdf)
Danish 9 items (pdf)

Dutch (pdf)

English 12 items (pdf)
English 9 items (pdf)

Finnish (pdf)

French 12 items (pdf)

German (pdf)

Greek 9 items (pdf)

Hebrew (pdf)

Icelandic 9 items (pdf)

Italian (pdf)

Japanese (pdf)

Korean (pdf)

Lituanian (pdf)

Persian 12 items (pdf)

Persian 12 items, 2nd option (pdf)
Persian 9 items (pdf)

Polish 9 items (pdf)

Polish 12 items (pdf)

Portuguese 12 items (pdf)

Russian 9 items (pdf)

Swedish (pdf)

Turkish (pdf)

Vietnamese (pdf)

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Last updated: 2014-08-27