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Seminars 2017

REMESO seminars are either work seminars for the researchers at the Institute or guests presenting their research for discussion.  Most of our seminars are open for interested visitors from outside of the Institute, contact us for information and texts. Xolani Tshabalala (xolani.tshabalala@liu.se) and Branka Likic-Brboric (branka.likic-brboric@liu.se ) are in charge of the seminars.

REMESO seminars are always held at 1-3 pm om Wednesdays in room B342 ("Bomull"), unless otherwise is noted.


Dissertation Seminar 60 percent, Olav Nygård

Seminar - REMESO - Department of Social and Welfare Studies
Working title: "Stratification & Meritocracy: Immigrant optimism, ascription and educational attainment in Sweden". The seminar will be in English.
13:15 - 15:00
Location: B342
For more info see https://www.isv.liu.se/remeso/seminarierna?l=en, contact Simone Scarpa, e-mail simone.scarpa@liu.se.


Hyenas of the Limpopo

Public Disputations - REMESO - Department of Social and Welfare Studies
Xolani Tshabalala, Hyenas of the Limpopo: The Social Politics of Undocumented Movement across South Africa's Border with Zimbabwe Opponent: Amanda Hammar, University of Copenhagen
10:15 - 12:00
Location: K3, Kåken hus
For more info contact Professor Stefan Jonsson, e-mail stefan.jonsson@liu.se.


Guest Seminar with Raul Delgado Wise, Professor, University of Zacatecas, Mexico, UNESCO Chair on Migration, Development and Human Rights: "Migration and labour: Imperialism, unequal development and forced migration"

Seminar - REMESO - Department of Social and Welfare Studies
Professor Raul Delgado Wise presents his research on South-North migrations by focusing on the case of Mexican migration to the US.
13:15 - 15:00
Location: B342
For more info contact Branka Likic-Brboric, e-mail branka.likic-brboric@liu.se.




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