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Seminars Spring 2008

Work and litterature seminars

The seminar is held on wednesdays, between 10-12 in the morning, unless it sais otherwise. Contact us if you want to participate in any of our seminars.

16/1, Susanne Urban, PhD, REMESO, LiU
"Social capital" and networks.

24/1, Khalid Khayati, Tema E, LiU, Final seminar for PhD thesis
"From victim diaspora to transborder citizenship".

30/1, Carl-Ulrik Schierup, Professor, REMESO, LiU
Discussion of the Research program of REMESO.

5/2, Åsa Wettergren, Karlstads Universitet
Paper on reception of asylumseekers in three EU-countries from an emotio-sociological perspective.

13/2, Josefina Syssner, PhD, REMESO, LiU
"Branding Places - a new form of urban and regional governance".

12/3, Denis FrankPhD, Soc. Inst., Lunds Universitet
Presentation of study on globalisation and labour migrants - the building sector in Sweden.

4/4, Anna Bredström, Tema E
Dissertation defence: ”Safe Sex, Unsafe Identities: Intersections of 'Race', Gender and Sexuality in Swedish HIV/AIDS Policy”. Note: Friday.

9/4, Peo Hansen, REMESO
Presents a chapter from a forthcoming book.

23/4, Mikael Rundqvist, LiU
Presentation of Paper. Comments: Maritta Soininen.

29/4, Tobias Hübinette och Carina Tigervall,
Mångkulturellt Centrum resp. Centrum för genusvetenskap, Lunds universitet
Presentation of research projekt about talks with adoptive parents on race, racism. Tuesday.

14/5, Anders Neergard, PhD, Docent, REMESO, LiU
"Between workers and management - industrial groupleaders and group homogeneity".

27/5, Magnus Dahlstedt, Tema E/REMESO, LiU
Presentation of chapter of forthcoming book. Tuesday.

28/5, Charles Woolfson, Professor of Labour Studies, Uni. of Glasgow
"Labour migration and ethno-politics in Latvia: A ‘European Dilemma’?"

4/6, Branka Likic-Brboric, REMESO "Globalisation, EU Enlargement and New Migratory Landscapes: The Challenge of the Informal Economy and Contingencies for ‘Decent Work’"

REMESO: Anders Neergaard, 011-363218, anders.neergaard@isv.liu.se
Tema E: Magnus Dahlstedt, 011-363237, magnus.dahlstedt@ituf.liu.se

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