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Seminars 2014


REMESO Seminar: REMESO Seminar: "Towards a critical pedagogy for migration and ethnic studies"

Professor Charles Woolfson and Associate Professor Magnus Dahlstedt engage in critical discussion on the relationship between migration, internationalization and university pedagogy.

Guest Seminar, Jan Jämte: Den antirasistiska rörelsen - igår, idag, imorgon

Political Scientist at Umeå University.

Guest Seminar, Öncel Naldemirci: Caring (in) Diaspora: Aging and caring experiences of older Turkish migrants in a Swedish context

ÖNCEL NALDEMIRCI is currently affiliated with the Department of Sociology and Work Science, University of Gothenburg. "Caring (in) Diaspora: Aging and caring experiences of older Turkish migrants in a Swedish context" is his Ph. D., 2013.

Dissertation Seminar (60%) Christophe Foultier
Preliminary Title of Dissertation: Regimes of hospitality. Commentator: Moa Tunström, Avdelningen för Urban och regional planering (dept. och urban and regional planning, KTH.

REMESO Dissertation Seminar (20% ): Julia Malmgren Willén
Prel. title of Diss: ‘Prefixed Africanity: Perceptions of (National) Belonging and Landscape among White Women in Southern Africa 1947-1966’.

REMESO Guest Seminar with Professor Louise Ackers, University of Salford: "Internationalisation and Gender Equality in Academia: the role that mobility plays in the generation of critical networks"

Chair in Social Policy, School of Nursing, Midwifery, Social Work & Social Sciences, University of Salford.

Guest Seminar with Hanna Wikström: Do Women from Iraq Fall in Love? Gender and Culture in Assessments of Asylum Applications in Sweden

Senior lecturer at the Department of Social work at the University of Gothenburg.

REMESO Dissertation Seminar (60%) Indre Genelyte
Preliminary title of Diss. Labour migration from Baltic Lithuania to Sweden: a sending country perspective on dynamics, causes and policy responses. The Seminar i in English.

Guest seminar Sookyung Kim: Reconsidering "Gap Hypothesis": Multiculturalism as the South Korean Government's Decoupled Response to Immigration

Sookyung Kim has a PhD in Sociologi (Standford University) and is affiliated to REMESO.

REMESO Guest Seminar: Livia Johannesson - Judicialization of the Swedish asylum procedure: making political considerations redundant?

Livia Johannesson is a PhD Cand. in Political Science, Stockholm University.

Disputation - Mozhgan Zachrison

Mozhgan Zachrison försvarar sin avhandling 'The invisible voices: Understanding the sociocultural influences on adult migrants' second language'. Opponent Professor Pirjo Lahdenperä, Mälardalens högskola

Guest Seminar Kira Kosnick: "Ethnic Leisure Publics: Postmigrant Socialities in European Metropolitan Centres"

Kira Kosnick is a Professor of Sociology at Goethe University Frankfurt.

REMESO Guest Seminar with Malin Wieslander: ”Enforcement Forces in Law Enforcement: Discursive Conflict, Dilemma and Resistance in Police Trainees’ Discourse on Diversity”
Malin Wieslander presents her doctoral thesis on diversity discourses in the police force, with a focus on culture, religion and ethnicity.

REMESO Guest Seminar with Peter Hedström, Professor, IAS –Center for Analytical Sociology, Linköping University

Hedström presents the new Center.

REMESO Guest Seminar, Anders Stephanson: On Ideologies of ‘The US in the World’

Andrew and Virginia Rudd Family Foundation Professor of History Columbia University.

Dissertation seminar (pre-defense): Christophe Foultier

Title of Dissertation: "Regimes of Hospitality, the overlapping norms of participation and securitization in multi-ethnic areas", Commentator: Carina Listerborn.

Guest Seminar with Zahra Bayati, Göteborg University

Co-arrangement with Educational Practice.





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