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Stakeholder Cooperation and Commissioned Education

REMESO cooperates with stakeholders and partners such as municipal authorities, public services, governments and NGO:s with education, knowledge exchange and project development and evaluation. We develop, administer and participate in national and international research groups, aimed at research as well as knowledge exchange and discussion. The researchers participate in undergraduate as well as postgraduate education efforts at Linköping University, but also at many other universities. To the left and below, you will find presented some of the major collaborations of REMESO. There is also a link to information on ech researchers outreach activites and to the right some upcoming events.

Commissioned Education and Evaluation (Uppdragsverksamhet)

REMESO offers cooperation and education, courses and dialogue, with public and private sector organisations and authorities within the reasearch areas of the Institute. Please contact us if you are interested in a cooperative project or a course.

Swedish Migration Board

Researchers from REMESO are in ongoing dialogue with the Swedish Migration Board as the key policy actor with responsibility for national migration policies. This dialogue concerns the elaboration of a future possible collaborative research agenda across a variety of research themes with which REMESO is actively engaged and which are of interest to the Migration Board.

REMESO Affiliated Researcher

REMESO has on a regular basis a network of affiliated researchers, connected to REMESO through some collaboration in research, education or dissemination. Affiliated researchers have their main position at another institute or university, but are essential colleagues as they connect the environment to other researchers, nationally and internationally.

18/9, Jennie K Larsson: Lecture on her research at Employment Agency, Stockholm.

26/9, Magnus Dahlstedt: Seminar at Book fair, Göteborg.

14-15 /11, Susanne Urban: Participates in Imerförbundet på MR-dagarna. Register: http://www.mrdagarna.nu/

19-20/11, Magnus Dahlstedt: Lecture and seminar at Folkbildningsforum, Linköping.


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