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Graduate School in Migration, Ethnicity and Society

Campus Norrköping ligger i IndustrilandskapetEn central del av REMESO:s verksamhet är att driva en forskarskola med kurser för svenska och internationella doktorander eller master-studenter inom institutets forskningsområdet.

The Graduate School in Migration, Ethnicity and Society välkomnar studenter antagna vid universitet i Sverige och utomlands. Kurserna är tvärvetenskapliga och öppna för studenter med skilda akademiska bakgrunder. Kurserna ges av forskare från institutet, inklusive internationella gästforskare och särskilt inbjudna gästföreläsare.

Kurserna ges på engelska.



Graduate Courses Autumn 2017


Introduction to Research Methods in Ethnic and Migration Studies


18 September – 20 October, 2017. On-campus week 02-06 October.
Course Directors: Associate Professor Zoran Slavnic and Postdoc Simone Scarpa, REMESO

This course addresses dilemmas and difficulties that researchers confront when collecting and interpreting data in studies of ethnic relations, ethnic diversity, discrimination, racism, social inclusion/exclusion, and migration. Research methods discussed include quantitative studies on
integration and migration, qualitative methods such as discourse analyses, long-term field work, participant observation as well as multi-strategy research. The course addresses the crossdisciplinary and trans-national aspects of research that place extra demands on research
methods in data collection, sampling, comparative policy framework analysis, usage of terminology, comparisons of discourses and ideological representations in a sometimes contested and controversial field of inquiry.

Deadline for applications: 18 August 2017


Theories of Ethnicity and Nationalism: Historical and Contemporary Debates


30 October – 1 December. On-campus week, 13–17 November

Course Directors: Professor Peo Hansen and Professor Stefan Jonsson, REMESO
Confirmed Guest Lecturer: Gurminder Bhambra, Professor of Sociology, Univerity of Warwick

This course examines key ideas and concepts underlying both historical and contemporary thinking on ethnicity and nationalism, including questions of national and ethnic identification and mobilization as well as theories on multiculturalism. Drawing on contemporary, historical and comparative examples, the course engages with different understandings of ethnic solidarities, nationhood and citizenship. Students also explore more recent debates on supranationalism, cosmopolitanism, populism and the post-national. Much emphasis is put on the ways in which nation and ethnicity need to be re-thought and re-historicized when confronted with issues of coloniality, postcolonialty, gender and sexuality. Questions of methodology are highlighted, addressing in particular methodological nationalism, methodological Eurocentrism and other forms of tacit methodological assumptions that have influenced research. In this way, the course also aims to stimulate and enhance students’ ability to carry out empirical research.

Deadline for applications: 10 October 201

Contact: peo.hansen@liu.se, stefan.jonsson@liu.se



General information:

• The courses are offered to postgraduate students (PhD or MA).
• 5 weeks of full-time work for 7,5 ECTS. One intensive week at REMESO, at Linköping University, Campus Norrköping.
• Courses are usually examined by a paper assignment.
• Accommodation is provided for all course participants during on-campus week.

For information and application form, se link on this page and/or contact: Graduate School Coordinators Branka Likic-Brboric  branka.likic-brboric@liu.se



Peo Hansen
011 36 34 23


Branka Likic-Brboric
Tel +46 11 36 36 45


Eva Rehnholm
Tel +46 11 36 32 38


Bridget Anderson
Professor, Deputy Director, COMPAS, Oxford University

Anthias, Floya
Professor Roehampton University

Apitzsch, Ursula
Professor J. W. Goethe Universität, Frankfurt

Gurminder K. Bhambra
 Associate Professor, Director of the Social Theory Centre at the University of Warwick

Behtoui, Alireza
Postdoc. Fellow REMESO

Manuela Boatca
Freie Universität

Bredström, Anna
Postdoc. Fellow REMESO

Campani, Giovanna
Professor University of Florence

Dahlstedt Magnus
Assoc. Professor REMESO

Fenton, Steve
Professor Bristol University

French, Steve
Lecturer Keele University

Judy Fudge
Profesor, Kent Law School

Gavanas, Anna
Assoc. Professor Stockholm university

Gunratnam, Yasmin
Lecturer Goldsmiths U. London

Göransson, Anita
Professor Linköping university

Hansen, Peo
Assoc. Professor REMESO

Sam Hägglund
Gen. Secretary, European  Federation  of Building  and  Woodworkers

Jeffery, Charlie
Professor University of Edinburgh

Jonsson, Stefan
Professor REMESO

Kamali, Masoud
Professor Uppsala University

Khayati, Khalid
Postdoc. Fellow REMESO

King, Russell
Professor University of Sussex

Klinthäll, Martin
Postdoc. Fellow REMESO

Kofman, Eleonore
Professor University of Middlesex

Prof. Gail Lewis
Professor, Open University

Likic-Brboric, Branka
Guest Lecturer REMESO

Lutz, Helma
Professor University of Frankfurt

Martiniello, Marco
Professor University of Liège

Mulinari, Diana
Professor Lund University

Paula Mulinari
 PhD, Malmö University

Neergard, Anders
Associate Professor, REMESO

Ann Phoenix
Professor, University of London

Puskás, Tünde
Postdoc. Fellow REMESO

Stefan Rother
Professor, Freiburg University

Schierup, Carl-Ulrik
Professor REMESO

Sciortino, Guiseppe
Professor University of Trento

Slavnic, Zoran
Assoc. Professor REMESO

Soininen, Maritta
Professor REMESO

Anders Stephanson
Professor of History, Columbia University

Syssner, Josefina
Postdoc. Fellow REMESO

Martina Tazzioli
Queen Mary University of London

Tesfahuney, Mekonnen
Assoc. Professor Karlstad University

Toksöz, Gülay
Professor Ankara University

Aina Tollefsen
Senior Lecturer, Umeå University

Urban, Susanne
Postdoc. Fellow REMESO

Vickers, Lucy
Professor Oxford Brookes University

Raul Delgado Wise
Professor , Zacatecas University

Wise, Lois
Professor Indiana University

Woolfson, Charles
Professor REMESO

Ålund, Aleksandra
Professor REMESO



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