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REMESO Graduate School in Migration, Ethnicity and Society

Campus Norrköping is located to the Industrial Landscape in the center of the townThe REMESO Graduate School in Migration, Ethnicity and Society offers courses for Swedish and international postgraduate students (PhD or MA) that address a variety of theoretical, methodological and empirical perspectives on international migration. Courses are taught by REMESO staff and international guest lecturers.

The course program links current research on international migration and ethnic relations with studies on political economy, labour, citizenship, gender, culture and human rights. Individual courses address issues of asylum, documented and undocumented labour migration, social integration, urban segregation and racism and ethnic discrimination. Run by one of Sweden’s top research institutions in ethnic and migration research, the Graduate School provides an excellent opportunity for PhD students to develop their knowledge base research skills. For Master level students, REMESO courses offer knowledge valued by employers in the public and private sectors dealing with migrant integration, issues of social inclusion and public policy implementation.

Courses Autumn 2016

Citizenship, Welfare and Integration in the Shadow of the European ‘Refugee Crisis’

21 November-23 December 2016, on-campus week in Norrköping 5-9 December
Course Director: Associate Professor Anders Neergaard, REMESO

Lecturers: Associate Professor Anders Neergaard

Guest Lecturer: Frida Boräng, PhD, Department of Political Science, Gothenburg University

Global restructuring of production, recast welfare and labour market regimes, increasing importance of multilevel modes of governance and expressions of culture and identity have brought with them new urgent dilemmas in European societies. They are centred on issues of migration, ‘race’, citizen-ship, human rights and the social exclusion/inclusion of migrants and new ethnic minorities. This course takes as its point of departure three different but interlinked perspectives: the first perspective is the sheer number of asylum seekers that has arrived to Sweden; the second concerns the increasingly complex relation of multilevel migration governance between national states (Sweden) and supra-states (European Union); finally, the increasing politicization and salience concerning issues of migration and integration.

Application deadline 11 November 2016

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Courses Spring 2016

Interrogating the ‘Refugee Crisis’

9 May–10 June 2016, on-campus week in Norrköping 23–27 May
Course Director: Professor Peo Hansen

Lecturers: Professor Peo Hansen, Professor Stefan Jonsson, Professor Charles Woolfson, Associate Professor Branka Likic-Brboric, Associate Professor Anders Neergaard and Research Fellow Anna Bredström

Confirmed Guest lecturer: Professor Gregor Noll, Chair of International Law at the Faculty of Law, Lund University.

This course interrogates the current ‘refugee crisis’; and as such it sets out by scrutinizing to what extent this is actually an accurate rubric in the first place. In contrast to much of the current debate, this means that the course does not perceive of the refugees – as in their numbers or in the financing of their reception in for instance the EU – as the primary cause of the crisis. Rather, the focus will be placed on a set of factors, dynamics and causes that both help us explain why so many people around the world are fleeing today and why the European Union and OECD countries at large want to minimize their responsibility. May the ‘Refugee Crisis’ be better understood as a political, geo-political or economic crisis? And how do we make sense of EU and state refugee policies and practices in relation to securitisation and labour migration demand? In addition to this, the course also attends to historical factors as well as the institute of asylum itself.



General information:

• The courses are offered to postgraduate students (PhD or MA).
• 5 weeks of full-time work for 7,5 ECTS. One intensive week at REMESO, at Linköping University, Campus Norrköping.
• Courses are usually examined by a paper assignment.
• Accommodation is provided for all course participants during on-campus week.


For information and application form, se link on this page and/or contact: Graduate School Coordinators Branka Likic-Brboric  branka.likic-brboric@liu.se  or Andrey Tibajev  andrey.tibajev@liu.se



Peo Hansen
+ 46 11 36 34 23

Branka Likic-Brboric
Tel +46 11 36 36 45

Eva Rehnholm
Ph +46 11 36 32 38


Bridget Anderson
Professor, Deputy Director, COMPAS, Oxford University

Anthias, Floya
Professor Roehampton University

Apitzsch, Ursula
Professor J. W. Goethe Universität, Frankfurt

Gurminder K. Bhambra
 Associate Professor, Director of the Social Theory Centre at the University of Warwick

Behtoui, Alireza
Postdoc. Fellow REMESO

Manuela Boatca
Freie Universität

Bredström, Anna
Postdoc. Fellow REMESO

Campani, Giovanna
Professor University of Florence

Dahlstedt Magnus
Assoc. Professor REMESO

Fenton, Steve
Professor Bristol University

French, Steve
Lecturer Keele University

Judy Fudge
Profesor, Kent Law School

Gavanas, Anna
Assoc. Professor Stockholm university

Gunratnam, Yasmin
Lecturer Goldsmiths U. London

Göransson, Anita
Professor Linköping university

Hansen, Peo
Assoc. Professor REMESO

Sam Hägglund
Gen. Secretary, European  Federation  of Building  and  Woodworkers

Jeffery, Charlie
Professor University of Edinburgh

Jonsson, Stefan
Professor REMESO

Kamali, Masoud
Professor Uppsala University

Khayati, Khalid
Postdoc. Fellow REMESO

King, Russell
Professor University of Sussex

Klinthäll, Martin
Postdoc. Fellow REMESO

Kofman, Eleonore
Professor University of Middlesex

Prof. Gail Lewis
Professor, Open University

Likic-Brboric, Branka
Guest Lecturer REMESO

Lutz, Helma
Professor University of Frankfurt

Martiniello, Marco
Professor University of Liège

Mulinari, Diana
Professor Lund University

Paula Mulinari
 PhD, Malmö University

Neergard, Anders
Associate Professor, REMESO

Ann Phoenix
Professor, University of London

Puskás, Tünde
Postdoc. Fellow REMESO

Stefan Rother
Professor, Freiburg University

Schierup, Carl-Ulrik
Professor REMESO

Sciortino, Guiseppe
Professor University of Trento

Slavnic, Zoran
Assoc. Professor REMESO

Soininen, Maritta
Professor REMESO

Anders Stephanson
Professor of History, Columbia University

Syssner, Josefina
Postdoc. Fellow REMESO

Martina Tazzioli
Queen Mary University of London

Tesfahuney, Mekonnen
Assoc. Professor Karlstad University

Toksöz, Gülay
Professor Ankara University

Aina Tollefsen
Senior Lecturer, Umeå University

Urban, Susanne
Postdoc. Fellow REMESO

Vickers, Lucy
Professor Oxford Brookes University

Raul Delgado Wise
Professor , Zacatecas University

Wise, Lois
Professor Indiana University

Woolfson, Charles
Professor REMESO

Ålund, Aleksandra
Professor REMESO


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