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Funding to REMESO for research and communication projects

This fall REMESO has received funding for research and communication of research from several research councils. Anders Neergaard, Christophe Foultier och Erik Berggren har received grants from Riksbankens Jubileumsfond - The 


Swedish Foundation for the Humanities and Social Science - and FORMAS, the research council for sustainable development.  

Anders Neergaard have been granted 3 million Swedish kronor for his project "A fundamental contradiction? Immigrant workers and xenophobic opinions in Swedish blue collar trade unions"


Neergaard will investigate how the trade unions deal with the fact that the number of immigrant workers increase at the same time as the support among its members for right wing extremist parties also increase. 

The theoretical framework is drawn from labour studies and industrial relations research along with migration and ethnic studies, supplemented with gender studies. The focus is on theorising the concept of trade union solidarity. Methodologically, the project is an ethnographic study of five blue-collar trade unions and Landsorganisationen, employing semi-structured interviews and participant observation, complemented with document analysis. 

Christophe Foultier have received 2 million from FORMAS for a post doc project: "Urban Citizenship, Participation and Securitization, the Case of the Multiethnic areas of France and Sweden". The aim of this project is to examine local development policies in Europe’s


 urban multiethnic areas and in particular to analyse, as a counterweight to social tension and riots, involvement patterns, preventive mechanisms, and public peace devices in urban strategies. As I argued in my thesis, participative procedures and security mechanisms raise normative problems within institutions, notably if they are examined in terms of community affiliations and citizenship. The empirical work is

 based on a qualitative study of two sites in France, in Saint-Denis and Les Mureaux, and in a comparative approach juxtapose the French experience with two local development strategies in Sweden.


ErikLastly,  Erik Berggren received from FORMAS a grant for a research communication project: "Research communication through exhibitions and talks - negotiating the refugee situation, politics and possibilities".  With 300 000 sek he will with students and artists and researchers create and exhibition space that focus on reception of refugees and the current situation. A central idea underpinning the project is the recognition that research have a lot to benefit from collaboration with civil servants, activists and public officials who have practically delat with the refugees arriving in Sweden during the recent acute phase. Hence collaboration and exchange is vital for all parties involved, and for this an exhibition space which allows also for meetings and seminars is well suited to enhance echange of knowledge and experiences.



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