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Sara Ahlstedt defends her PhD on queer migration

On september 23 Sara Ahlstedt will defend her Ph D thesis, "The Feeling of Migration. Narratives af Queer lntimacies and Partner Migration"

Academic dissertation for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Ethnic and Migration Studies at Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The defence takes place at 10:15 in K3, Kåkenhus, Campus Norrköping on september 23..


Sara AhlstedtAbstract

This dissertation analyzes narratives af queer partner migration. The purpose af the study is ta examine how queer partner migrants and their Swedish partners experience the migration process by analyzing the emotions and feelings that emerge in the process.

The focus is the queer partner migration relationship,and what emotions and feelings 'do' ta this relationship, but also how emotions and feelings

structure the migration process. The study analyzes the work three different emotions - lave, loss, and belonging - do in these migration processes, and how this work is described in the participont narratives.

By using affect theories and the concept af queer phenomenology, the dissertation shows how the work is connected ta gender identity, sexual identity, race and whiteness, nationality, perceived proximity to Western­ ness,class, language, and the migration narrative the migrating partner is (ar is not) written inta by way af the country they have migrated from. This is analyzed in relation ta the theoretical frameworks of entanglement, homonationalism, and intimate citizenship.

The analysis shows that emotions and feelings structure the migration process for both more privileged and less privileged migrants, but in different ways. The understanding af who 'is' a migrant, and the preparedness for the feelings that arise in a migration process, are tied to the positions mentioned above, and the privileges these positions give, ar do not give, the migrant access to. By focusing on emotions and feelings and what these do, the study also illustrates how the migration process affects the non-migrating partner who, amongst other things, engages in emotional labour to 'make' the migrating partner 'Swedish.'

Both narratives and storytelling are importont throughout the dissertation, not only as the method used in the analysis but as the form af the dissertation.


Keywords: queer migration, privileged migration, intimate migration, homonationalism, entanglement, emotions,lave,loss,belonging, sexuality, gender identity, race, narrativa analysis

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