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Study of the use of biometrics in the migration process and its impact on fundamental rights

biometricssA group of researchers connected to REMESO form the Swedish team in a large, cross country study of the use of biometrics whithin the migration system. The study is managed by Eticas Research & Consulting and funded by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA. The aim is to analyse the fundamental rights implications of inserting, storing and using biometric data in the migrations process.

In collaboration with Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) and the support of UNHCR, Eticas will manage a team of 40 researchers in 10 countries to look at practices in selected Member States and their diplomatic missions, and how these impact on fundamental rights. This research will consider the potential vulnerabilities of those concerned, such as asylum seekers, refugees, irregular immigrants, or third-country nationals that applied for a visa or were banned from entering the EU.

The Swedish team is lead by Anna Bredström (Research fellow at REMESO) and the interviews will be conducted by Disa Helander, Karin Krifors and Nedzad Mesic, PhD candidates.

Eticas Research & Consulting is a research company that studies the social, legal and ethical impact of the technological policies and processes with the aim to contribute to responsible innovation. Through the work of a multidisciplinary team, including lawyers, social scientists and engineers, we accompany the development of new technological applications and new policies and help to translate concerns related to privacy, non-discrimination, social cohesion, trust and security in the technological development process. Eticas is currently managing eleven large international projects in the fields of border management and biometrics, forensics, disaster management, social media and policing, breeder document security and privacy, learning analytics and citizen science. This is the second contract awarded to Eticas by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights.

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