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MIGLINK-Summit in Norrköping in May

On May 11-12 MIGLINK a Swedish-Mexican-Turkish Research Links collaboration between the universities of Linköping, Zacatecas and Ankara, will meet and work in Norrköping. MIGLINK is initiated and led from REMESO by Professor Carl-Ulrik Schierup.

MIGLINK is funded by a Swedish Research Links grant from The Swedish Research Council for the project:  "Migration and development. What space for civil society in global governance? (MIGLINK)”.  MIGLINK aims to examine the development of an incipient global governance framework for migration with a focus on the role of civil society. The Global Forum for Migration and Development (GFMD), initiated at the UN global dialogue High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development in 2006, is the most inclusive state-led forum between governments on developing policies for international migration. Since its inception, so-called ‘Civil Society Days’ were organized as an integrated part of the GFMD process. On the background of a review of the UN High Level Dialogue and previous GFMD meetings – with particular emphasis on GFMD in Mexico 2010 – the consortium will follow preparation, agenda setting, debates and outcomes of upcoming GFMD meetings in Sweden, 2014 and Turkey, 2015. It will contextualise them in historical and geographical perspective, aiming to identify the role of civil society in global policy making through the GFMD.

On wednesday the 11th MIGLINK will arrange an open seminar to present their ongoing research: "Migration and Development. What Space for Civil Society in Global Governance?",  in room B533 at 10 am.


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