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Academic Networks and Cooperation

Remeso participates in a number of national and international research collaborations and networks.

The larger networks and collaborations are listed below with links on the left hand side to more information.

However, most network activities happen on the individual researchers' intiative. We have on the top link to the left listed networks and collaborations for each REMESO researcher.

(Many research projects at Remeso include collaboration with national and international colleagues, however, not in organised networks. Such collaboration is presented in the descriptions of the specific research project, see research.)


  • Samarbete med The Institute for Ethnic Studies, Vilnius
  • IMISCOE - International Migration, Integration, and Social Cohesion
  • Trade Union Strategies, Migration and Informal Labour in Turkey, South Africa and Sweden
  • Trade unions, globalisation and transnational solidarity
  • Construction Labour Research (CLR) Network
  • Economic and Social Research Council (UK)
  • Databaser och enkätundersökningar

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