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N I S A L - National Institute for the Study of Ageing and Later Life


At NISAL, we study the interplay between the cultural, social, political, health-related and technical aspects of ageing in a changing society.


Research is conducted through major and minor projects within three broad fields:

  • Socio-cultural, political and historical context
  • Care and welfare
  • Ageing in time and space: Home, housing and technological landscapes

In the first field of research, understandings of ageing and older people as well as the formation of identities are studied. The second field includes the programme areas of Welfare, ageing and civil society [Välfärd, åldrande och civilsamhälle] and Functional impairment and ageing [Funktionshinder och åldrande]. The third field is concerned with older people’s everyday life and living conditions, both in their homes and in relation to their use of technology.

It is our goal to integrate views from the humanities and social sciences, medical sciences and technology within NISAL so as to overcome the gaps between different disciplines and clarify the connections between the various approaches to research on ageing and later life.

Read more about the research projects here

National Graduate School in Ageing, Later Life and Care

In collaboration with the Department of Social Work at Stockholm University, the national graduate school at NISAL offers doctoral-level courses in the field of ageing, later life and care. The school’s mission is to educate future researchers within a socially relevant and scientifically important field. The research school accepts doctoral students from Sweden and the other Nordic countries in order to support a new generation of researchers in the field of ageing and thereby secure the future of the field.

National Graduate School in Ageing, Later Life and Care

Scientific journal

The editorial staff of the International Journal of Ageing and Later Life (IJAL) is located at NISAL. The journal was founded by NISAL in 2006 and is published biannually.


Nordic secretariat

The secretariat of the NGF (Nordiska Gerontologiska Förening), the Nordic gerontological association, is located at NISAL. The NGF is an umbrella organisation for the national gerontological and geriatric associations in the Nordic countries. The editorial staff of the newsletter GeroNord is also situated at NISAL.


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