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National Institute for the Study of Ageing and Later Life

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The National Institute for the Study of Ageing and Later Life (NISAL) is a Swedish research institution in the field of ageing and later life. It conducts leading-edge research on key social, political and cultural issues of ageing. While providing basic and advanced academic training within these fields, NISAL also contributes to the proliferation of knowledge about ageing to the society as well.

NISAL seeks to generate and improve knowledge about ageing as both a social and individual process within the context of a dynamic world, where demographic shifts are a crucial part of social change in contemporary and future societies. The main focus of NISAL’s research on ageing and later life is on the relationship between the life-course and social change. Their complex relationship is analysed in a multi-level perspective, from society as a whole to the individual, and the interaction between them over time. From these ambitious perspectives, NISAL’s research topics include social inequality and inclusion/exclusion, ageing with health and disability, as well as ageing in social and physical contexts. Research at NISAL on dementia, as conducted by the Center for Dementia Research (CEDER), serves as a key example of the rewarding integration of research topics.

While being committed to interdisciplinarity as a key issue for ageing research, NISAL emphasizes perspectives from the social, behavioural and political sciences. Researchers coming from numerous academic disciplines within these fields integrate their views in examining issues related to welfare systems, social structure, technology, economy, migration, gender, health, disability, care, geography, architecture and others. To cover this wide range appropriately, NISAL initiates scientific partnership with many national and international actors in the field of ageing and invites further collaboration.
Researchers at NISAL apply and develop advanced methods and analytical tools within the framework of the disciplines involved. The combination of advanced methods, from statistical analysis to qualitative studies of different kinds, allows taking a proper look at the institute’s research issues.

NISAL has established a research programme that portrays its scope in detail. Under the heading ‘Ageing, Life-Course and Social Change,’ the perspectives and themes of NISAL’s research are presented and explained.


Within the fields of research, NISAL provides postgraduate training as well as, to a lesser extent, teaching on the on the undergraduate level. Courses are open to students from both Linköping University, other universities and beyond.


Scientific journal

NISAL hosts the international scientific journal International Journal of Ageing and Later Life - IJAL

Nordic Gerontological Society - NGF

NISAL also hosts the Secretariat of Nordic Gerontological Society - NGF -  an umbrella organization for the national gerontological and geriatric unions in the Nordic countries.


National and international professional networking

NISAL is involved in several national and international networks and cooperations

Furthermore, individual researchers contribute to a much wider range of professional bodies, scientific networks and academic self-organisation. You will find information on this on the individual homepages.



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