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Tiny Jaarsma, Professor in caring sciences with special attention to patient education and nursing

Research Area

My research aims at enhancing the quality of nursing care and strengthening the health care delivery system for chronically ill cardiac patients. My main contributions have been in promoting evidence-based nursing practice in the Netherlands and internationally, specifically in patients with heart failure.

Research areas mainly are related to improving the care and self-care of cardiac patients. My doctoral thesis which I defended in Maastricht (NL) in 1999 was titled: heart failure: nurses care’; effects of a supportive-educative intervention by a nurse on self-care, recourse utilization and quality of life of patients with heart failure.
From 2002-2010 I was co-principle investigator of the multicenter COACH trial (Coordinating study evaluating Outcomes of Advising and Counselling in Heart Failure) in which I coordinated a team of 4 Phd Students, 50 health care professionals and more then 40 datacollectors.

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Ongoing Projects

Technology and self care in cardiac patients

Adequate self-care behaviour is vital for patients with chronic cardiac disease. These behaviours often include life style changes (e.g exercise, diet) and symptom monitoring. Interventions to help patients to care for themselves need to be tailored to specific patients and conventional methods such as patient education and counselling might not be suitable for all patients. Some patients might benefit more from a tailored home based computerized approach.
Different new technologies that are developed for other purposes might be applicable to use in increasing self-care in chronic cardiac patients. Currently several telemonitoring devices are tested in cardiac patients. These telemonitoring devices are often aimed at symptom monitoring and sometimes at increasing patients knowledge. However, it remains questionable how these devices really improve self-care of patients on the short and long run. At the same time other technologies might be suitable to address aspects of self-care in specific subpopulations.
In a number of feasibility studies different technological solutions will be tested for suitability to improve self care in (cardiac) patients.
Currently 1 PhD student (Leonie Klompstra) started to work on this project. Her first project is to testing the feasibility and applicability of a Nintendo Wii game computer to use in heart Failure patients to increase their daily physical activity.

Talking about prognosis

Funded by HjärtLung Funden and Konung Gustaf V:s och Drottning Victorias Stiftelse we started the ‘TALK-HF study’. Talk-HF stands for Developing and evaluating a Training program Aimed at reducing the Lack of Knowledge and communication concerning palliative care issues in Heart Failure patients. The overall purpose of the study is to improve the quality of care for heart failure (HF) patients, focusing on communication issues between health care provider and patients in order to improve their quality of life and also prevent unnecessary suffering and resource utilization by adapting, further developing and testing an educational palliative care intervention for health care professionals. Data will be collected from both a patient perspective and a health care professional perspective on optimal communication on palliative care in heart failure patients.

Learning to life with the consequences of chronic (cardiac) disease

Peter Johansson started as 0.2 FTE postdoc to study the consequences of heart failure and further development of interventions for patients with chronic disease (HF and COPD). Additional studies are planned in the area of palliative care.

Current and future activities:

  • An international study comparing self-c are throughout the world is planned
  • Further validation of the existing language version and cultural specificity is planned for the Spanish, Hebrew and German version
  • A clinical tool derived from the scale will be developed

Optimize heart failure care at home

Involvement in three projects to improve heart failure at home.

  • COACH2: The COACH2 (study, which is performed by a research team in Groningen (link www.hartfalen-coach.nl) and I am involved in the steeringcommittee. This is a study evaluates whether long-term follow-up in primary care, under the condition of initial optimization of pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment at the specialized HF clinic, is equally effective as long term follow up at the specialized HF clinic in terms of guideline adherence and patient compliance in patients with HF.
  • Heart Failure@home: In a workpage of an FP7 funded study we aim to describe and test European components for optimal home based management of heart failure patients. Optimal home based management of heart failure patients is needed to increase the quality of care of these chronically ill patients throughout various stages of their disease. Based on the opinion of a literature review, a survey of European management programmes and the opinion of researchers in the field, this report aim to describe European components for optimal home based management of heart failure patients. http://www1.sdu.dk/cms/integratedhomecare/
  • Telemonitoring: HeartCycle. In a workpackage of the HeartCycle project (http://heartcycle.med.auth.gr/) patient education material is developed to increase knowledge and skills of heart failure patients


  • Further develop and implement the Curriculum for a European Training program for HF nurses
  • Evaluate and implement the patient website: www.heartfailurematters.org

Committees and boards

  • Editor in chief of European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing (SAGE)
  • Associate editor of the European Heart Journal
  • Editorial board member of the European Journal of Heart Failure
  • Advisory board for development of the internet site heartfailurematters.org
  • Reviewer for: European Journal of Heart Failure, Cardiac Failure, Critical Care, Pharmacoeconomics,Heart & Lung, Psychosomatic research, etherlands Heart Journal, International Journal of Cardiology, Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing.
  • Development of European curriculum on heart failure nursing
  • Founder and member of UNITE (Undertaking Nursing Interventions Throughout Europe)
  • Member of the International committee American Heart Association
  • Co-investigator in the COR-PRIM study.

Current doctoral students in Sweden

Main supervisor:
Ghassan Mourad, HAV, ISV, Hälsouniversitetet i Linköping with a project on patients with chest pain
Leonie Klompstra, HAV, ISV, Hälsouniversitetet i Linköping with a project on self-care and technology
Brynja Ingadóttir, HAV, ISV, Hälsouniversitetet i Linköping with a project on improving self care by patient education
Nana Waldreus, HAV, ISV Hälsouniversitetet i Linköping: Thirst in Heart Failure patients

Second supervisor:
Maria Liljeroos, IMH, LiU: Dyads of patients with HF
Eva Erichsen, ISV, LiU: Palliative care and obstipation


Name: Tiny Jaarsma
Position: Professor
Department: Department of Social and Welfare Studies
Division: HAV


Telephone: +46 (0)11-363550

E-mail: tiny.jaarsma@liu.se

Linköping university
Department of Social and Welfare Studies
S-601 74 Norrköping

Visting address:

Kåkenhus, Kungsgatan 40
Campus Norrköping

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