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Department of Social and Welfare Studies
In the middle of the Industrial Landscape

The main focus in both teaching and research within the Department of Social and Welfare Studies (ISV) is directed towards issues related to the modern welfare state.



Occupational TherapistTeacher in school and preschoolSocial and Cultural Analysis.NurseSocial worker

Nurse Specialist, 60 creditsMaster Social workMaster: Social and welfare studiesOccupational Therapy/Public Health Sciences/Speech and Language Pathology/Medical Education/Nursing/PhysiotherapyMasterprogram inom det utbildningsvetenskapliga området med examen i Pedagogiskt arbete/Didaktik med utomhuspedagogisk inriktning/Specialpedagogik, 120 hp

The educational programmes offered at ISV are characterized by a close link between theory and practice.

Another important feature is the use of student centered pedagogy. However, we do not only educate for the immediate need of the welfare state. We are also concerned about research that scrutinizes the structural transformations taking place in all modern welfare states.


New Master Programme in Ethnic and Migration Studies

Addressing some of the most challenging issues in today’s world, this new programme relates ethnicity and migration to global economic and cultural change, as well as to systems of domination and movements of resistance.


Research and doctoral studies

Occupational theraphy and Nursing SciencePedagogical WorkSocial WorkTekNaD

The Institute for Analytical SociologyCEDER ? Center for dementia researchNISALREMESO


Research within ISV takes place in both formalized research schools and through a large number of individual research projects carried out by members of the ISV staff. The institutionalized research within ISV takes place within the following units.


Division HAV: Health, Activity, CareDivision IASDivision LEN: Learning, Aesthetics, Natural scienceDivision NISALDivision REMESODivision Social WorkDivision VS: Administrative support

Contact usISV is organized into seven divisions. The adminstrative support is available in a separate unit (VS). The 270 employees are located at Campus Norrköping in different buildings; Bomullsspinneriet, Kopparhammaren and Kåkenhus.


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